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37 Alice Street,

Atherton Qld 4883

Ph: 07 4091 3552

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Welcome to
the Atherton Travellers Lodge

Working Hostel Located in Atherton, 1.5 Hrs from Cairns. We accommodate backpackers seeking Regional Farm work to secure a second year visa. We work with over 50+ farms seasonally and always have positions and jobs available.
Our Hostel will connect you with work and transport to and from your farm as required.

Atherton Travellers Lodge is a vibrant, fun, clean & hospitable place to stay offering couple rooms (limited) & dorm accommodation from 2 to 10 bedroom dorms. Cable Television provided in the common area on a huge TV, basic gym facilities with comfortable outdoor entertainment areas offering a free pool table, Table tennis, Basketball and a comfortable area to unwind after a hard days farm work. Working hours on farms average 8 hrs per day or 40 hrs work per week on average. The work is seasonal and dependent on weather and market prices.

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